(JR008) Holm. - Oh, The Places You'll Go

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Newcomer Holm's debut release ‘Oh, The Places You'll Go' is an album full of beautiful soundscapes, trip hop beats and assorted samples. A record to lay back to, relax and let your mind wander. We spoke to the fledgling producer to find out a little more...

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My names J. Thatcher May, I'm 18, a senior in high school over here. I live in Canton, Massachusetts, which is about 15 minutes outside of Boston. I am a drummer way before producer. Not sure what else to say, music is all I do man.

Can you describe the kind of music you make?

I make music based on how I am feeling at the time. I'm not sure what genres to throw in but in my opinion I would say most of my music is downtempo, trip and hip-hop. It's always mellow is one thing. I cant say it's influenced by any music in particular since I sample anything from jazz, to television commercials, to post-rock, and ambient music, to rock and even other hip-hop sometimes. If there's one thing I like to make my music for it would be thinking. I like to make music that creates visions or feelings. The name "Holm." essentially means dreams in Icelandic and islands in Scottish and basically I would like to think of my music as dreamy, a dreamy island perhaps. It will probably always remain calm, I've never been one for aggressive music of any kind to be honest. And I feel as if the world is crazy, angry, and hectic enough. I'd like to make something to slow and calm things down haha.

Have you been involved in anything musical previous to this?

I've always been in bands as a drummer. Whether its jazz, funk or rock, whatever, I'll play anything. But definitely jazz and funk bands mostly. I've been playing gigs with various bands for a while now and thats all I really do. As for producing, I haven't done much yet, I've put out albums under different names that Im not too proud of anymore so I'll keep those a secret, hah.

What are your influences?

I have a lot of people, producers and bands that have really changed things for me over the years, but this question is in relation to my own music, so for me I would say... My biggest influence would be the producer "Teebs". I can never get enough of his stuff and if I ever figure out how to make music as pure, organic, and natural sounding as him I might as well call it a day, that's my goal. But also Nujabes (RIP), Shlohmo, Lone, Emancipator, John Coltrane, Juj, 9th Wonder, J-Dilla, and Flying Lotus have been the people I've been influenced by the most in my own music off the top of my head.

What equipment do you use to produce?

I've messed around with a few different things here and there but for most songs on this record I've just used Ableton Live 8 and a Novation Launchpad. I actually was able to get enough money to purchase the Akai MPD 32 which is coming in tomorrow, so for anything coming out in the future you can believe that will be the tool used to create. When I play live I also use a Korg Kaoss Pad Quad to generate effects and such.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline, musically?

Lately I've made a couple songs I've been really happy with it. They don't sound like anything on this record, not totally different but they are more "songs" as opposed to "beats". I would like to put out an E.P. of these recent songs. And Maybe a beat tape of just your basic simple hip-hop beats. But expect the EP sometime in the near future.

(JR008) Holm. - ‘Oh, The Places You'll Go'

1. My, How It All Changes
2. Because I Never Got To Say Thanks
3. What Do We Do Now?
4. I Have No Sister
5. Nothing Anyone Says Really Means Anything Anymore
6. Turtle Shell
7. The New Morse Code
8. Night Of The Bioluminescent
9. Upper East Atlantis
10. Trust In Stars
11. You And Your Grandma
12. Never Ending Tunnels